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        Welcome to Shanghai Weiqi Industrial Co., Ltd. official website!


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        Shanghai WeiJi industrial co.,LTD

        The cabin can be installed solar power generation, environmental protection 0 emissions toilet, ground source heat pump (water), health and air conditioning system, wall body and roof air convection and heat insulation system, intelligent management system, monitoring, security and so on seven big system. Company production of wooden excellent energy saving, thermal insulation, seismic, sound insulation, moistureproof, refractory, 

        Choose Wei Qi Industrial

        Customer credibility of the first quality

        Professional import building wooden manufacturers, to provide you with the best quality service


        Have a team with years of experience

        Have a professional product development team, sales team, after-sales team, for the radiation pine customers provide a full range of services

        Mold covers national, British, Japanese, Australian

        The introduction of the world's leading level of control system, to do better products

        The introduction of a variety of testing equipment

        Equipped with industry-leading full set of testing equipment, strict implementation of the test indicators

        Perfect production equipment, strong daily inventory

        Strength leading, solid foundation, set product development, production and sales integration of large enterprises



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